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It is a long established fact that a reade.

The #1 reason for business failures is NOT trading losses or the lack of capital. It’s the lack of business skills! Whilst the most successful CEOs are reading around 60 books a year, the average business owner reads none… Why? Because he or she “believe" that they are “too busy” running their business from managing cashflow to barely keeping afloat to putting out fires. When you went into business, you might have done so because you loved what you do or hoping you’d build enough wealth to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams. The heart braking truth however is that most small to medium sized business owners (SME’s) simply buy themselves a job. Even though there are more than 2 million small businesses in Australia, there is no such thing as a qualification in Business Ownership. Not even the most relevant business qualification can prepare you for the real challenges of setting up and growing your business. Growth to the point where you can finally enjoy the fulfilment of your dreams. Thriving to the point where you can take pride and pleasure in the wealth and lifestyle you have secured for yourself and your family.

Dear Business Owner/Manager,

The SME-CONNECT Program is presented by 360 Education.

A few words about this program… Let’s make running a business one of the most rewarding, exciting and fulfilling adventures you ever undertake! Sometimes we make the path to success harder than it actually is by becoming swamped by the detail and taking on too much ourselves. It is time we changed that! The workbook, sustainability methodology and the business improvement processes, combined with the mentoring is the answer you have been looking for to make your sustainability journey more direct and enjoyable. In the workbook and workshops that we present we have shared some of the key practical strategies that make a difference to your business. It is often the case that just a few small changes can shift mountains. All it takes is the willingness to change and the conviction to see it through.

Wish you all the best !

Why consider 360 education for your business?

Online training is more cost effective than live training, but 360 can reduce expenses even further. We offer a host of features designed to speed course development and to simplify training management.

Train anytime, anywhere

Reduce or eliminate your dependency on live training. It’s time consuming, expensive, and difficult to schedule. 360 lets your trainees take courses on their own schedule wherever they are, making their education more convenient, faster, and more effective.

Use your existing training assets

With 360, there’s no complicated software to buy or programming necessary. Simply use the materials you already have: PowerPoint presentations, videos, Word docs, and more. 360 seamlessly integrates them into your course.

Free your time

360 lets you focus on important tasks and get more done. It’s so simple to use, there’s virtually no need for IT support. In addition, you won’t waste time on tedious administrative tasks. The automated tools deliver trainee invitations, reminders, test scores, achievement certificates and more.

Scalable to your needs

Whether you need to train fifty people, or five thousand, 360 can meet your needs. No matter how many trainees you have, or how many courses you offer, we have a range of cost effective plans to select from.